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From primary levels through graduate degree programs and continuing education courses, educational institutions are working on expanding and diversifying their student bodies. With the advancements of technology, schools no longer have to deal with restrictions brought about by proximity bias. Schools can now target students from all across the United States, if not the globe.

This expansive pool brings about greater competition. As students grow savvier with researching and understanding which school will best meet their educational interests, schools need to find a way to stand out amongst the competition.

Digilant’s digital marketing solutions provide schools the ability to improve touchpoints with prospective students – from initial brand awareness to the application process, all the way through to enrollment.

The Digital Landscape of the Education Industry


of prospective teen students cited YouTube videos as a major influence in making an enrollment decision.
(Source: Inside Higher Ed)


enrolled students search for, discover, and choose higher education institutions and courses online.
(Source: Checkfront)


of teens preferred to receive information from colleges through email rather than any other medium.
(Source: ICEF Monitor)

Our Experience


Digital Advertising Solutions for Education Businesses

CRM Data Onboarding

Onboard first-party CRM data to target and customize ads across multiple devices.

Key Benefits

  • Customize ads using real-time behavior and data points drives over 50% higher engagement.
  • Send users to the right pages and actions by pinpointing user intent helps boost engagement and conversions.

Location Based Targeting

Create custom location-based audiences by setting a specific radius that can be targeted on display or mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Use custom geo-fences to target consumers before they arrive at a location, while they’re at a location, and after they leave a location, such as college fairs

Adaptive Segmentation

Develop custom segments based on observed behaviors to reach the most qualified audience segment(s). Segment consumers who have visited your site multiple times. In a similar way, you can segment consumers who have clicked on ads but not yet converted.

Key Benefits

  • Define and size granular segments using historical data
  • Activate audiences quickly and benefit from audience real-time updated as your consumers interact with your brand

Site Retargeting

Use pixel-based retargeting to reach consumers who have previously visited or engaged with your website and/or requested information as they’re continuing their research.

Key Benefits

  • With retargeting, you are reaching consumers who have already been to your website at least once, and are that much closer to taking action.
  • Promote brand familiarity and trust by keeping your brand in front of consumers who have previously engaged with your brand.

Algorithmic Optimizer

Our proprietary technology is fully-customizable, giving us the ability to build algorithms that optimize towards your main KPI or goal at the most efficient CPM.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize bid efficiency and drive performance.


Contextual Targeting

Deliver ads on websites or site pages that are directly relevant to the ad you’re running, based on pre-determined content categories. Contextual segments can also be put in place as pre-bid filters for viewability and brand safety.

Digilant Premium

Privileged Access to 1,000+ fully-verified publishers allows us to create site lists geared directly towards your desired audience. This premium placement can be paired with targeting tactics to reach customers most interested in your brand. 

Social Predict

Social Predict segments use real-time social monitoring technology to discover the way people are discussing topics across 50,000 digital channels, including social media, blogs and publications.

Key Partnerships

Our partnership with Peer39 allows us to target segments related to education such as homeschooling, language learning, and online education.

Programmatic Audio

Take advantage of our partnership to target student-aged students with in-stream and display advertisements via audio PMPs. Layer on Digialnt’s unique audience targeting for even more streatic ad placements tailored to your desired demogrphic.

Key Benefits

  • 55% of Spotify’s users are aged 18-34 (Statista, 2018).
  • The average Spotify user spends about an hour per day on the platform.

Dating Site & App Data

Digilant’s partnership with Match Media Group allows advertisers to target 71 million dating app and website users via PMPs with display ads, great for college education campaigns.

Key Benefits

50% of dating app and website users which fall between ages 18-34

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