Advanced TV Advertising: OTT & CTV

Capture attention
with advanced TV.

Drive engagement and increase conversions by unlocking the tremendous power of advanced TV advertising. Reach broad or hyper-targeted audiences, big or small, across all their devices.

Drive deeper connections

Engage your audience while they watch their favorite show. Reach them across multiple TV environments, from their largest screen to their personal devices.

Access premium inventory

Gain access to specialized inventory with Samsung Ads, FreeWheel, and Magnite, to achieve reach and scale with transparent and premium ad inventory.

Seize the moment with advanced TV ads.

TV scale meets
digital precision

Whether broad reach or hyper-local targeting, CTV and OTT give you surgical precision.

viewer engagement

Captivate audiences with interactive, personalized ads for unmatched effectiveness.


Stay ahead of industry changes with cookieless and IP-based advertising.

Drive engagement and interactivity.

Discover how advanced TV can help you captivate audiences and deepen customer relationships with powerful and creative ad units.


Use custom units across CTV to target and interact with audiences, like quizzes, branded skin, and 3D tours.


Use QR codes to drive action with your TV ad buys, like newsletter sign ups, form fills, and store visits.

CTV voice-to-action unit

Integrate your brand messaging with smart devices for a seamless shopper experience.

Meet some of the experts
behind Digilant.

Kyle Malone
Vice President, Solutions
Otniel Calderon
Manager, Sales Engineering

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Frequently asked questions.

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

What is advanced tv?

Advanced TV refers to several modern television viewing options beyond traditional broadcast and cable. It includes Connected TV (CTV), Over-The-Top (OTT) content, and addressable TV. This technology leverages data-driven targeting, allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences with tailored content across various devices, such as smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. Advanced TV provides precise targeting, measurable results, and enhanced engagement.

What targeting capabilities are available with advanced TV advertising?

Advanced TV advertising offers a myriad of targeting capabilities. These include demographic targeting (age, gender, income), geographic targeting (location-specific ads), behavioral targeting (based on viewing habits and interests), and even household-specific targeting. The use of first-party and third-party data enhances these capabilities, allowing advertisers to create highly personalized ad experiences that resonate with their intended audience.

Are advanced TV solutions, like CTV and OTT, cookieless?

Yes, advanced TV solutions like CTV and OTT are cookieless by nature. These platforms do not rely on traditional browser cookies for tracking and targeting. Instead, they utilize device IDs, subscriber data, and other privacy-compliant methods to deliver personalized advertising. This approach ensures effective audience targeting while adhering to privacy regulations.

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