Data Onboarding

Breaking down silos to maximize impact.

Ready to reach your best customers? Unleash the power of first-party data.

Tackle a cookieless world by using first-party data. Our approach allows you to upload, anonymize, and encrypt customer data while connecting it with unique identifiers. This means you can engage high-value audiences across digital channels.

Leverage identity

Match first-party CRM data to online identifiers without compromising user privacy with identity resolution.

your data

Connect your data to the larger digital ecosystem to seamlessly activate it across platforms.

Build audience

Create detailed audience segments to deliver personalized and effective ad experiences across channels.

Measure true

Link campaign exposure back to sales or conversions in a manner that is privacy-compliant.

Connect the dots across the digital expanse.

Say ‘goodbye’ to third-party cookies and ‘hello’ to future-proof solutions. Tap into major data intelligence sources to better target, scale, and measure your ad campaigns.

300K Audience segments
160 data providers
500+ Digital Platforms

Cookieless solutions for a cookieless world.

Tackle third-party cookie deprecation with the latest and most powerful advertising solutions on the market. Our relationship with LiveRamp gives you access to sophisticated data onboarding and identity resolution technologies so you can forge and deepen customer relationships.

Measure real effectiveness

Connecting campaign performance to customer data means you can measure media effectiveness at an individual level.

Get a more holistic view of your customer

Bring together disparate data sources and resolve them into a single customer profile to better understand and engage your audience.

Supercharge personalization

Leverage more data and insights with total ease to deliver greater relevance across channels, reducing media waste and increasing impact.

Do more with Digilant.

When faced with tough challenges, we optimize your resources to help you reach your goals.

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