Advanced Gaming Advertising

advertising with
advanced gaming.

Dive into the world of gaming to reach your target audiences while they play their favorite games with seamless and engaging digital ad formats.

Elevated digital experiences

Leverage advanced gaming’s interactivity to engage your audiences with ad experiences that are non-intrusive and more immersive than other traditional and digital advertising channels.

Premium inventory

Access the best inventory on the market through our partnerships with Frameplay, Twitch, and Anzu.

Maximize advertising impact with in-game advertising.

Expand your reach with in-
gaming advertising

Engage key gaming audiences across devices like mobile, gaming consoles, and PCs.


Deliver relevant and personalized ads with behavioral and contextual targeting.

& attribution

Track lower funnel KPIs across multiple sources with campaign performance insights.

Diverse formats for diverse needs.

Deliver seamless, curated ad experiences with our array of ad formats. Learn how pairing advanced gaming with diverse ad formats can drive engagement and interactivity.


Blend seamlessly into your players’ immersive experiences.


Showcase your brand while upholding the user experience with seamless, non-interruptive ads.

Video & rich

Create memorable brand experiences that elevate your brand.

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Frequently asked questions.

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

Which gaming platforms or genres are suitable for in-game advertising?

In-Game Advertising is suitable for various gaming platforms including mobile games, console games, and PC games. Popular genres such as sports, action, and casual games often provide immersive environments where ads can be seamlessly integrated. Choosing the right platform and genre depends on the target audience and campaign objectives.

Can in-game advertising target specific demographics or player segments?

Yes, in-game advertising can target specific demographics and player segments using data such as age, gender, location, and playing habits. Advanced analytics and partnerships with game developers allow advertisers to deliver personalized ads to the most relevant audiences, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

What level of customization and personalization is possible with In-game advertising?

In-game advertising offers high levels of customization and personalization. Advertisers can create dynamic ads that change based on player behavior, in-game events, or real-world conditions. Personalized ads that align with the player’s interests and gaming experience can significantly boost engagement and brand recall.

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