Advanced Audio Advertising

Turn listeners to shoppers with
advanced audio

Take audio listeners on a personalized journey from awareness to conversion with the power of popular podcasts, music streaming, and digital radio.

Advanced targeting, measurement, and attribution

With advanced audio ads, you’ll gain the ability to target based on first, second, and third-party data parameters. You’ll also enjoy conversion tracking across multiple devices to gain accurate insights into your campaign’s performance.

Deliver sequential messaging across channels and devices

Discover the power of sequential messaging and dynamic segmentation to target and retarget listeners with video, native, or display banners across devices and channels.

Amplify your brand voice with audio advertising.

Forge connections across
audio formats

Reach consumers on streaming radio, music platforms, or podcasts at moments when they are most attentive.

Drive immediate

Insert compelling call-to-action messages into your audio spots to interact with listeners and drive conversion.

Deliver supreme

Make your ads more relevant than ever before by reflecting weather conditions, podcast topics, time of day, and other meaningful customer contexts.

Leverage advanced audio.

Far from the radio ads of the past, today’s audio advertising enhances storytelling and engages audiences at highly emotive and focused moments. Check out how advanced audio can work for you.


Retarget audiences exposed to your audio ad on display or social.

Sequential messaging

Drive effective storytelling with different ads delivered sequentially.

Audio to audio retargeting

Showcase a visual on the streaming device while audio plays.

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Frequently asked questions.

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

How effective is audio advertising and marketing?

Audio advertising and marketing are highly effective, especially in today’s multitasking world. Podcasts, streaming music services, and digital radio provide unique opportunities to engage listeners who are often deeply immersed in content. Audio ads can enhance brand recall and influence purchasing decisions, particularly when they are well-targeted and creatively executed.

How does audio advertising work?

Audio advertising works by inserting ads into audio content such as podcasts, streaming music, and digital radio. Advertisers can target listeners based on various factors, including demographics, interests, and listening behavior. These ads can be dynamically inserted, meaning they are chosen in real-time to match the specific audience segment listening at that moment, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Who can I reach with audio ads?

Audio ads can reach a diverse and engaged audience. This includes young, tech-savvy listeners on streaming platforms, dedicated podcast subscribers, and traditional radio listeners who have moved to digital formats. With the ability to target by demographic, geographic location, and interest, audio ads can effectively reach both broad and niche audiences.

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