Retail Media

All the power of retail media,
within your reach.

Imagine an audience of consumers who are already in a shopping mindset. With retail media advertising you can make an immediate impact by leveraging first-party data and premium digital properties to reach, engage, and convert your desired audiences like never before.

A wealth of first-party data at your fingertips

Purchase history, search behavior, and browsing habits are just a few of the first-party data points you can tap into with our retail media solutions. With exceptional targeting and relevance you can achieve transformative brand engagement.

Centralized access to the biggest retail media networks

Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger are just a few of the leading retail media partners that you can tap into for unparalleled access to rich first-party data. Our solutions bring you scale with quality.

Discover a whole new meaning to retail therapy.

Precise, relevant
targeting at scale

Tap into a nation-wide audience potential with first-party data spanning the biggest retailers in the country.

A new wave of
shopper marketing

Non-endemic and endemic brands can now leverage retail media to move consumers down the funnel.

Get the full
campaign picture

Accurately measure your retail media impact and quantify revenue earned for every dollar spent.

Diverse formats for diverse needs.

Combine the power of first-party retail data with a mosaic of ad formats to engage your audiences at pivotal shopping moments.

ad units

Deliver relevant messages and drive immediate action with our shopping list integration or social shopping ads.


Maximize impressions with shoppable video units that entice and convert.

ad units

Boost brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase sales by sponsoring relevant moments and events.

Meet some of the experts
behind Digilant.

Milo Kopf
Shopper Marketing Specialist
Jake Slattery
Manager, Solutions Engineering

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

What are retail media networks?

Retail media networks are platforms where retailers leverage their own digital properties (websites, apps, in-store screens) to sell ad space to brands. This allows brands to advertise directly to shoppers at the point of purchase, using the retailer’s first-party data to target ads effectively and enhance the shopping experience.

What are types of retail media?

Types of retail media include on-site ads (banner ads, sponsored products), off-site ads (retargeting through social media and search engines), and in-store ads (digital displays, interactive kiosks). These formats enable brands to engage with shoppers at various touchpoints, both online and offline, throughout their shopping journey.

How does retail media work?

Retail media works by using the retailer’s first-party data to target shoppers with relevant ads. Advertisers bid for ad placements on the retailer’s digital and physical properties. This data-driven approach ensures that ads are shown to consumers who are most likely to be interested, thereby increasing engagement and driving sales.

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