Display, Native, & Video Advertising

Drive growth with
display, native, &
video ads.

Cast a wide net or hone in on specific audiences, the choice is yours. With display, native, and video ads, impact is delivered at every stage of the funnel in multiple formats unleashing creativity.

Broaden your advertising horizons.

Connect with loyal audiences that are yet to be discovered. Enhance your brand awareness and visibility across the digital ecosystem with display, native, and video advertising.  

Nurture connections

With display, native, and video ad formats you can engage and captivate audiences in diverse environments with broad reach or hyper-targeted efforts that deepen audience connections.

Get your message across at every stage of the buyer journey.


Eye-catching designs and compelling messages will grab their attention through display and video ads.

Build interest
& consideration

Native and video ads are the perfect medium for your audience to dive deeper into the benefits of your brand.


Leverage display, native, and video ads to encourage action with stand-out CTAs and powerful messaging.

Diverse ad formats for diverse needs.

Engage and captivate audiences with display, native, and video ads. Discover our vast array of creative ad solutions and how they can drive impact for your brand.


From banners to rich media, display ads provide valuable opportunities to connect with consumers on their favorite devices.


Deliver seamless experiences with ads that are purposely created for their environments, like social media, news sites, search engines and more.


Nothing deepens consumer connections like sight, sound, and motion—be it on their mobiles or their desktops, at home, or on the go.

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behind Digilant.

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Vice President, Campaign Solutions
Randy Frankfurter
Director, Campaign Solutions

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

What is the open web and how can my branded media make an impact?

The open internet encompasses a diverse landscape of online media properties, including websites, platforms, and apps across gaming, news, blogs, music, and television. This concept harks back to the early days of the internet when it was a flourishing open marketplace of ideas, entertainment, and commerce. It remains uncontrolled by any individual, business, or governmental entity, fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.

What is a walled garden?

On the internet, a walled garden is an environment that controls the user’s access to network-based content and services. In effect, the walled garden directs the user’s navigation within particular areas to enable access to a selection of material or prevent access to other material.

Although a walled garden does not always prevent users from navigating outside the walls, it often makes it more difficult than staying within the environment.

What ad formats yield the highest results?

Ad formats that yield the highest results often depend on the campaign goals and target audience. However, video ads, particularly those on social media platforms and streaming services, consistently show high engagement and conversion rates. Interactive ads, such as shoppable posts and carousel ads, also perform exceptionally well by directly engaging the audience. Additionally, personalized and native ads seamlessly integrated into the user experience tend to generate higher click-through rates and better ROI.

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