Digilant is an omnichannel digital media partner built to take advertisers from now to next. Part of ispDigital, Digilant is made up of 100+ data-driven media minds and advertising technologists. Our purpose-built services (hereafter, the “Services”) extend beyond our Boston headquarters with client support and media strategy professionals deeply rooted in New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Atlanta. By providing these Services, Digilant helps advertisers connect their digital advertising spend to growth.

For any questions about this privacy policy or Digilant’s activities, please send us an email at or contact each of Digilant’s entities in different countries:

COLOMBIA Digilant Colombia, S.A.A. Calle 140 No. 10 A – 48 of. 303
Bogotá, Colombia
SPAIN Digilant Spain, S.L.U. Calle Apolonio Morales 13,
planta 2 28036 Madrid. España
UNITED STATES Digilant, Inc. 2 Oliver Street, Suite #901
Boston, MA 02109
Estados Unidos
MEXICO Dglnt, S.A. de C.V. Galileo No. 20, Suite 302.
Col. Polanco Chapultepec
Delegación Miguel Hidalgo,
C.P. 11560, DF México. México

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What is explained in this Privacy Policy?

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is (I) to inform about the data that Digilant can collect through the Services, on those websites (usually of our clients) where they are implemented, and (ii) to explain how such data are used, shared and protected data.

What type of data does Digilant collect?

Digilant may collect the following data:

  • IP address
  • The identifier of mobile advertising assigned by the operating systems (Apple and/or Android) to each device, and made available to advertising providers to measure this advertising in mobile apps (Apple’s IDFA or Google’s AAID)).
  • Information related to the interactions of users with advertising campaigns managed through the Services and/or Digilant technology, which allows to track the conversion of the advertising campaign.

The rest of the information we collect is anonymous and does not allow us to identify specific individuals (for example, browser type, operating system, Internet access provider, browser language, or IP address provider).

How is the data collected?

To collect data, Digilant uses:

Cookies, mobile advertising identifiers and other similar technologies to serve relevant ads and create reports about advertising campaigns. That is, the same technologies used by many other companies in our sector. Here is a short summary about these technologies:

  • Cookies: Cookies are small files that are sent to the browser and stored on the computer’s hard drive.
  • Pixels: These are tiny images on a web page or other document that allow the operator of that web page / document or the third party responsible for serving that pixel to install, read and modify the cookies.
  • Mobile advertising identifier: They are randomly generated alphanumeric codes that are associated with the device, and facilitated by the operative system provider of the mobile device.

Information collected through third-party providers, through the use of web pages and mobile applications. Among others, in this way the location data generated by the use of mobile devices that capture certain apps are obtained.
Information from publishers and/or mobile providers that provide data associating identifiers (cookies or mobile advertising ID) with information of interest to certain categories for their advertising use.

Do we need your consent to process the data?

Yes. We only treat the data in those cases in which the user has given his consent for its collection and use to the mobile app provider and/or the publisher.

What is this data used for?

Digilant uses this information to provide its Services, to measure and analyze the efficiency of each campaign and to optimize the advertising campaigns it carries out for its clients.

This information is also used to measure and personalize the advertising for each browsing session. This allows users to access more appropriate content, more adapted to categories of interests that can make them more relevant. Among others, this type of treatment prevents users from seeing the same advertisement repeatedly.

Digilant can make use of this information in order to serve advertising based on the location of a device, if we have the location data.

With whom do we share the data?

Our customers can access the Services and/or our platform to access the data we collect, for the same purposes as explained above.

What data do we never use?

In the course of its activity, Digilant does not collect or use personal data such as name, address, telephone number, email address or personal identification or credit card numbers.

Digilant does not collect or use sensitive data that refers to political, sexual or religious preferences, ethnic or racial origin, union affiliation or health status. Digilant does not intentionally collect information from users under 18 or any other group considered sensitive.

How do we manage the storage and handling of the data?

Digilant intends, above all, to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the information.

For these purposes, Digilant has implemented measures to protect the information against unauthorized or illegal access, use or disclosure and against accidental loss, damage or destruction of data. Likewise, access to data is restricted to authorized persons and is configured in accordance with the security measures required by the applicable regulations.

All data collected by Digilant for its US operations is stored on third-party servers located in the USA.

How long do we keep the data we obtain?

The Digilant cookies are deleted once they have ceased to serve the purpose for which they were used and, in any case, within a maximum period of 24 months.

What rights do you have?

The rights you have in relation to your personal data are:

Right of Access: Right to request and obtain free information about the nature, origin, origin or purpose of the treatments that affect your data.

  • Right of Rectification: Right to modify data that is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right of Deletion (right to << forgetfulness >>): Right to request the cancellation, deletion or deletion of your personal data at any time.
  • Right to Opposition: Right to decide that no specific treatment of your data is carried out.
  • Right to Data Portability (for EU residents only): Right to request the transmission of your data to other Companies, Institutions, Organizations or yourself.
  • Right to the Limitation of the treatment (for EU residents only): Right to restrict the use of your personal data, which will be conserved in order to satisfy legal obligations.

You can exercise your rights by directing a written communication to the postal addresses indicated above or to the email address indicating in the subject “Data Protection Rights”.

In addition, you can revoke your consent at any time, for which the different ways that we have indicated, in addition to being able to use the alternative of sending us an email to

In any case, what means do you have to exclude yourself or unsubscribe from the web or mobile?

A) Opposition to treatment or “opt out”

Users can choose to opt-out of Digilant’s tracking and digital advertising at any time.

To voluntarily unsubscribe in connection with this browser and device, click here.

It must be taken into account that, by voluntarily excluding itself, Digilant will place an exclusion cookie on the user’s computer, which in turn will inform Digilant that it should not continue to serve personalized digital advertising information or install cookies.

The opt-out or opposition to the processing of data for advertising or behavioral purposes does not imply that other data cannot be processed to carry out measurements and analysis.

B) Download in browser

Cookies are placed specifically in the browser of each device, so it is necessary to voluntarily unsubscribe from all devices used to exclude themselves completely. It must be taken into account that, if cookies are deleted or blocked, if another computer or browser is used, or if the browser is updated on a device, it will be necessary to voluntarily unsubscribe.

C) Download in mobile device

Most devices include an advertising identifier that allows advertisers to track and identify the interests of consumers. They also offer the possibility of voluntarily withdrawing:

  • For iOS: Each iOS device includes an advertising identifier (IDFA) with two key features:
    • Users can reset the identifier at any time.
    • Users can voluntarily unsubscribe by activating the limitation of ad tracking (Limit Ad Tracking or LAT).
  • For Android: Each Android device includes an advertising identifier (AAID). To voluntarily unsubscribe or change the configuration, you must follow these steps:
    • If you use Android 2.3 or higher, select “Google Settings” in the folder of your applications.
    • Select “Ads.”
    • Select “Reset your advertising ID” to generate a new identifier and delete any previously stored data.
    • Select “Disable interest-based ads.”

If you prefer, you can view and modify your advertising preferences through the web interface. To do this, you must select “Advertising settings”.

What can you do if you think we have not done something correctly?

If it is considered that personal data have not been processed in accordance with the regulations or for any matter that you consider appropriate, you can contact us at In any case, if you are a EU resident you can also file a claim with the European Data Protection Supervisor (

Can this Policy change?

The Privacy Policy may change in the future, e.g. for regulatory changes, for changes in Services, etc. If the changes affect the way we treat your personal data, we will notify you beforehand, so you can know how they affect you and decide if you want to accept them or not.


The last update of this policy was made on May 22, 2018.

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