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4 Digital Marketing Agency Services Mid-Sized Businesses are Better Off Outsourcing

02/04/2021 - Sierra Ducey

Digital advertising faces emerging channels on what seems like a constant cycle. As consumer preferences change and evolve, so too do the opportunities to reach these captive audiences with ads. Just think, within a year, TikTok grew from a trending app to now having 50 million daily active users in the United States. As digital advertisers, it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with these channels and implement them into our digital media plans, when applicable. 

But, the job doesn’t stop here. As the channel landscape diversifies, these channels also get more detailed and granular in strategies and tactical targeting capabilities. Unique layering tactics, cross-device technology, and intricate strategy mean that each channel requires deep subject matter expertise. 

To stay in line with all the changes, digital advertising teams require a combination of breadth of knowledge and understanding of specificities and differences each channel implements. So, what does this mean for brands? Larger teams that grow and evolve with the digital advertising landscape. As new digital advertising opportunities emerge, teams need to ensure they have subject matter experts that can stay in line with these changes and perform quick implementations for campaigns. 

However, having a large team of in-house digital advertising experts is a luxury that many mid-sized businesses simply cannot afford. For these businesses, outsourcing is a great solution. Outsourcing digital advertising frees up valuable resources within an organization and provides additional insight and expertise into the digital world. 

If you’re a mid-sized brand that wants to expand your digital advertising playbook, but you know you don’t have the internal resources to support these investments fully, keep reading. Below we’ve outlined four digital marketing agency services that you are better off outsourcing. 

Four digital marketing agency services you’re better off outsourcing.

1.Social Media Advertising

64% of consumers want brands to connect with them on social media. Many brands take advantage of the organic reach their social media accounts provide for them, but paid social is not something to overlook. Consumers are eager to discover and interact with new brands on social media, and brands need to take advantage of this.

As a mid-sized business, social media provides a platform for your brand’s voice and to showcase your customer service. With so many different projects and responsibilities that your digital advertising plan requires, having your social media fall victim to a lack of resources can be costly. Don’t overlook this tool and the power digital marketing agency services can provide when outsourcing your paid social media efforts.  

Social media is the perfect example of what was outlined above. New social channels are constantly emerging with rumors of the latest and greatest. While new channels are popping up, tried and true social channels (think: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) continue to evolve their paid advertising and privacy features. Investing in an outsourced social media team ensures that you stay at the forefront of new channels on the horizon while maintaining strategic campaigns and taking advantage of new features with current powerhouses.

2. Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

As a mid-sized brand, you face tremendous competition to stand out from your competitors. More often than not, the deciding factor among consumers isn’t necessarily what one brand said, but rather what they did not say. Consumers interact with more devices, channels, and media forms than ever before, making it essential for brands to continue the conversation with consumers throughout their entire customer journey. 

If a consumer visited your site a few times but never made a purchase, maybe it just wasn’t the right time to make the purchase, but chances are they just forgot, got distracted, or switched to a different device. This is where brands need to use email marketing and marketing automation to nurture this lead and keep your brand top of mind. 

But, again, this is a strategy that takes resources and expertise that many mid-sized brands simply don’t have the access or bandwidth to prioritize. Enter outsourcing. 

The emails you send to consumers need to be personalized and timely. Digital marketing agency services use omnichannel digital advertising technology to understand where the consumer is in the customer journey. Each consumer is then nurtured to fit where they are in the customer journey. Studies have shown that nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. 

Consumers want a seamless customer journey as they switch through different channels and devices. Outsourcing a digital agency will allow for better mapping of the customer journey, more timely and personalized emails, which will keep your brand top of mind amongst consumers and a more significant ROI.

3. Web Design & Landing Page Development

We’ve all been in a situation where we clicked on an ad that piqued our interest, but the landing page was either difficult to navigate or didn’t correlate to the original ad we clicked on. Your immediate action was most likely closing the tab and continuing about your browsing. Landing pages and website development cannot be overlooked! 

Especially as a mid-sized brand, your website is the face of your business. In the world of e-commerce, it is the equivalent of a storefront. I think it’s safe to assume you would never leave your storefront messy or difficult to navigate, so your website should be the same way. 

Outsourcing your web design and landing page development will ensure that landing pages are clean and appealing and that they correlate to the ads or content that directed the consumer to them. Once you have a consumer on your site, you want to keep them there as long as you can. With the team of experts working on your brand’s behalf, they understand the best practices for landing pages to entice consumers to stay on your site. 

4. Paid Search Advertising

Depending on your brand’s age, paid search advertising may be one of the first investments you made in digital advertising. And although paid search advertising may seem like an antiquated concept, it’s not something to overlook. This practice’s intricacies are also not something that most business owners have the time or resources to take on. 

Digital marketing agency services can handle everything from analyzing search signals and keyword intent to choosing the right advertising channel to reach your audience. With 3.8 million searches every minute on Google, your brand must be front and center (or, in this case, top of the first page) for appropriate searches. 

Finding the Right Digital Advertising Partner for your Business

Whether paid search or landing page development, as you begin to research potential companies to outsource these services to, you will come across a breadth of providers. At Digilant, we understand that narrowing down the best partner to meet your brand’s needs can be a timely task. To add more complexity to the situation, you’re probably looking to invest sooner rather than later. Below, you will find a few resources that we hope will help you during the research and vetting process: 

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Digilant: Your Choice for Digital Advertising Outsourcing

We understand that no two companies are alike, so no two digital advertising strategies will be alike. The Digilant team is passionate about finding a digital advertising solution that works for your business needs. 

From paid social to creative strategy and development to programmatic, our team of digital media experts’ expertise spans across every corner of the digital advertising industry. We rely on audience insights, performance benchmarks, data science, and technology to enhance our work’s strategy, creativity, and implementation. Interested in learning more about how Digilant can provide subject matter expertise to your digital advertising campaign? Let’s talk. 

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