Unpacking the Future of Measurement in a Cookieless World

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Welcome back to our ongoing exploration of digital advertising in a post-cookie world. In episode five of our “Countdown to the Cookieless” series, Victoria De Leon, Director of Marketing, joins forces once again with our Sales Engineering team, Kyle Malone and Otniel Calderon. In this episode, they dive into the future of measurement and how the industry is adapting to the decline of third-party cookies. Click play on the video below for key insights and expert discussions or checkout our full recap below.

What’s the Future of Cookie-Free Measurement?

To address many advertisers’ main concern, de Leon starts the conversions with a straightforward question:

Without third-party cookies, will advertisers still be able to effectively track campaign performance?

Malone begins by reassuring the audience, emphasizing that while third-party cookies are going away, robust solutions are emerging that ensure effective measurement capabilities remain intact. He mentions that the shift is not as drastic as it may seem and that the industry has been preparing with innovative, privacy-compliant tools.

de Leon asks Calderon to expand on these solutions that Malone mentioned with the question:

What are some of the emerging cookie-free measurement solutions?

Calderon takes the lead in this section, explaining the variety of new measurement methodologies that don’t rely on third-party cookies. He talks about the rise of privacy-friendly analytics tools and AI-driven insights, reshaping how advertisers can track and optimize their campaigns across various channels. Some of the alternative solutions he mentions include:

With multiple cookie-free measurement options currently available for advertisers to explore, de Leon prompts the group to provide advertisers with a bit more guidance, with the question:

What measurement methodologies and tools are seeing success currently?

Malone points out how these older methods have gained new relevance, especially when combined with the latest AI technologies to provide deeper insights into consumer behavior and campaign performance. He specifically mentions successful methods like mixed-media modeling, attention metrics, and deterministic analysis combined with probabilistic or machine learning and AI. Calderon agrees with these notes and additionally suggests advertisers consider foot traffic analytics and brand health tracking.

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The Impact of AI on Measurement

Taking a step back to a topic mentioned previously in the discussion, and the topic at the top of everyone’s mind right now, de Leon questions:

How are AI and machine learning shaping the future of measurement?

Calderson discusses the integral role of AI and machine learning in the future of advertising measurement. He details how these technologies are not just for real-time optimizations but are increasingly used to predict outcomes and enhance decision-making processes with their generative capabilities. He recommends advertisers use AI and machine learning tools for the following:

  • Analyze historical data
  • Build predictive models
  • Future-forward consumer behavior insights
  • Make forward-thinking optimization
  • Quickly evaluate large quantities of data
  • Seamlessly pivot towards what is working well and shift away from what isn’t
  • Improve ROI

Tips for Advertisers When Vetting Measurement Solutions

Moving the conversion toward actionable steps advertisers can take when researching cookie-free measurement solutions, de Leon asks:

What should advertisers consider when choosing measurement solutions?

Calderson advises on the critical aspects of selecting measurement tools, emphasizing the importance of privacy compliance, data integration capabilities, and alignment with specific business KPIs. He stresses the need for tools that can adapt to changing regulations and market conditions.

From the robust list that Calderon outlines, de Leon asks to condense the list by asking:

Of all the attributes mentioned, what are the key considerations when selecting measurement partners?

Calderson and Malone both offer two key insights on evaluating potential partners, narrowing the list to the following four key attributes:

  1. Keep in-line with local, state, and federal regulations
  2. Align with what you want to measure
  3. Provide interoperability and integrate with existing system (tools need to play well with other inputs)
  4. Provide actionable insights that can drive continuous improvement

After a robust conversation, highlighting many aspects of and tips for measurement in a post third-party cookies world, de Leon asks the panelist to summarize their thoughts with a final question:

What are the best practices for future-proofing measurement strategies?

Malone wraps up with some final thoughts on staying flexible and proactive in testing new solutions. He underscores the importance of agility in adapting strategies and tools to maintain effectiveness in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Calderon agrees with this sentiment, reminding the audience that not everything will work for your organization, so testing and trying different methods is of utmost importance.

Embracing the Future of Measurement Without Cookies

As we conclude our discussion on transitioning away from third-party cookies, it’s evident that a new, privacy-focused era in advertising measurement is upon us. Victoria De Leon, with Kyle Malone and O’Neil Calderon, highlighted the potential of emerging tools and methodologies that align with privacy standards and meet business objectives.

The shift towards AI and advanced analytics tools is not merely about adaptation but about enhancing measurement precision. As advertisers, embracing these new technologies, staying updated on regulations, and maintaining an experimental mindset are essential to navigate this change successfully.

If you found today’s insights valuable, be sure to catch up on previous episodes in our “Countdown to the Cookieless” series. Our last episode delved into effective campaign planning and execution in this new landscape, watch it here.

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