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The ultimate goal for any advertiser and their ad budgets is to drive awareness of and growth for their brand. While that may be true, however, it’s easy to get caught up in the granularity of managing campaigns and their performance, losing sight of the bigger picture. However, taking a step back to assess the bigger picture, like how your brand stacks up in its category and industry, can reveal valuable insights that help keep marketing and advertising initiatives on track and drive results.

The Importance of Brand Health and Measurement

Your brand’s share of search and voice is a way of measuring your brand’s health or foothold in its category. The greater your share of search the greater reach and popularity you have amongst your existing and potential customers, and a greater share of voice.

Measuring your brand’s share of search, understanding the competitive landscape, and how customers find and engage with your brand is critical to your brand’s health and growth. With intelligence that speaks to these brand health elements, you can identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses — and those of your competition — to unlock new opportunities. Furthermore, by measuring your brand health, you can better analyze the impact of your advertising campaigns on your brand over time.

How Brand Health Tracking Can Help

Access to comprehensive data that illustrates the landscape of your brand category or industry isn’t always available — or easy to understand. However, Digilant’s Brand Health Tracking delivers digestible reporting on your brand’s health and how your brand stacks up by accessing more than:

  • 800 million domains
  • 25 billion keywords
  • 142 geo databases
  • 500 TB of raw website traffic from across the globe

While collecting, analyzing, and interpreting troves of data can demand extensive time and resources, it doesn’t have to. Brand Health Tracking simplifies the process by providing simple reporting that clearly highlights the insights and intelligence you need to back up your strategic media decisions and drive impact for your brand.

Campaign Effectiveness

As mentioned, it can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day of running campaigns and driving performance. And while individual campaigns might successfully deliver on KPIs and even campaign objectives, it’s essential to periodically assess the efficacy of your campaigns on the overall brand and, most importantly, its impact on your desired audiences. Moreover, understanding the overall potential for business growth can reveal valuable opportunities for your brand.

Improve your brand health today

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