Taking a Trip for Spring Break? Turns Out Your Destination May Indicate Your Net Worth and Online Interests

With the long awaited break upon us, Digilant was curious to understand where the majority of vacationers were headed for Spring Break, 2014. Not to our surprise our analysis of online users uncovered two distinct audience segments: Affluent Families and College Students. According to the data these two groups not only demonstrate different online interests, but they are heading in different directions to enjoy some fun in the sun.
In terms of travel, affluent families are 18,745% more likely to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii and college students are 10,418% more likely to travel to Tampa, Florida. Other top travel destinations for affluent families include San Diego, Los Cabos, The Bahamas and Orlando. The top destinations for college students include Phoenix, Cancun, Las Vegas and Miami.

Affluent families are 752% more likely to have a net worth between $250-500k, while college students are 441% more likely to have a net worth less than $1. Affluent families are also more likely to be in market for luxury automobiles, interested in art and scuba diving while college students are more likely to buy frozen foods, rent an apartment or home and participate in online dating. Surprisingly both groups – students and affluent families – are interested in eating healthy.

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