Emotional Competence Workshop

On Tuesday March 14th, despite the heavy rain, three Digilant volunteers went to The Down Madrid Centre to assist with the Emotional Competence Workshop organized by three children from the Foundation. The kids were between 6 and 10 years old. The objective of this workshop was to learn how to identify emotions and how to deal with them. Some of the emotions they worked with were anger, sadness, fear, joy, surprise. To make it easier they went thought the workshop with the help of games and songs. The workshop ended with a relaxation exercise in which the children had to imagine themselves in a calm and tranquil place. They had to lay down with their eyes closed and control their breathing, while a companion gently passed a ball through their arms which acted as a massage.

The Digilant team was delighted and amazed at how such small children identified different situations and how they reacted responsibly and acted appropriately. Another surprise was to see how they were able to move from one feeling to another so quickly. As always, we are looking forward to the next workshop!

A Cooking Experience with Down Madrid

Digilant Spain is delighted to collaborate with the non-profit organization Down Madrid. The activities are very enriching for both kids and employees. The aim of this collaboration is to help children with Down Syndrome or disabled kids to be independent (be able to move around the city, do the shopping, cook, get a job) and to grow in a normal environment without feeling turned down.

This month we have participated in a cooking activity. Eight members of our team went to ‘Centro Tres Olivos’ to spend an afternoon with kids, the idea was to help them develop their cooking abilities and make them feel helpful in an everyday task. Although everyone went home with their shirts full of cream, it was great to share time with these amazing youngsters!

It has been a great experience that has helped not only these children but also our employees. It makes us think how easy and important is to make a difference, helping people around us. Digilant Madrid is very grateful and proud of this recurrent collaboration with Down Madrid.

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