We Run It

We know the challenges that brands and agencies face. More pressure than ever to quantify business impact, greater trouble keeping pace with emerging channels, and an increasing need for digital media platform experts. Our managed-service solutions were developed with these challenges in mind.

Digilant makes it possible for agencies to bolster expertise and services for media clients and for brands to scale media buying quickly.

Agencies and brands can trust Digilant to manage all of the planning, buying, optimizations required for digital advertising campaigns of any size.


Digilant offers a complete managed service digital advertising solution to agencies and brands. With channels supported across programmatic, search, and social, Digilant makes media buying simple. But, the real power of Digilant comes from our unmatched biddable media knowledge base and bespoke reporting and insights.

Through MAIA, Digilant’s marketing intelligence engine, we can measure the impact of media buys across all tactics, channels, and devices so you can see the full picture of campaign performance at the moment and over time all in a single dashboard.

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