Utility Company Drives Interest with Conversational Advertising

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A utility company in southern California wanted to increase customers’ awareness, understanding, and engagement with its different pricing plan options. Furthermore, it wanted to educate customers on energy management tools and behaviors to help them manage energy consumption during the winter months. Their target audience included adults aged 25 and older in the San Diego area. To maximize exposure, they wanted to test out ad creatives that spoke to both English and Spanish speakers. The utility company enlisted Digilant to help.


Digilant used various tactics, including behavioral targeting to find new customers and smart retargeting to drive sign-ups. Moreover, Digilant leveraged its partnership with Cavai, a conversational advertising company, to drive audience engagement and education. Digilant tested English and Spanish ads to determine what resonated most with the client’s target audience.

By pairing the Cavai ad formats with behavior targeting and smart retargeting, Digilant reached audience members who were previously served a display ad but did not click or visited a landing page and did not convert.


Using Cavai’s conversational ad unit, Digilant was able to reach and engage its target audience and collect valuable audience insights.

  • Total Impressions: 2,088,284
  • Click-Through Rate: 0.18%
  • Engagement Rate: 59.20%
  • Conversion Rate: 90.19%

High Lift Audiences

Amongst their audience, the utility company saw the greatest engagement amongst specific segments such as:

  • Budget Conscious Suburban Residents: 38.78x lift
  • Baby Boomer Homeowners: 28.24x lift
  • Business Decision Makers: 13.85x lift

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