State tourism board leveraged CTV to drive awareness & gather behavioral insights

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A state tourism board wanted to run across connected TV (CTV) for a three-month flight to reach audiences watching their favorite content across their streaming devices. The main goal of the campaign was to increase awareness and drive the target audience to visit the state for their next vacation. To do so, the state tourism board aimed to target specific DMAs in 25 states.

Their target audience included those who were:

  • Between the ages of 25 and 54
  • Interested in outdoor activities
  • Travel enthusiasts, especially those interested in leisure travel
  • Golfers

To reach their audience, the tourism board enlisted Digilant to help them run a 30-second video across CTV inventory.

Strategy for State Tourism Board

Digilant partnered with FreeWheel, a core ad decisioning platform for the premium video ecosystem. Through FreeWheel, our team secured efficient CPMs allowing more impressions to reach the intended audience and promote their messaging.

In addition to efficient CPMs, FreeWheel provided transparency into delivery across the top networks the ads ran across. This insight allowed the state tourism board to understand the types of networks their audience watches, a powerful insight they can use to inform future retargeting strategies.

This strategy allowed the tourism board to continue reinforcing its messaging, reach their target audience, and continue to keep their location top of mind the next time they plan a trip.



Overall video completion rate


of inventory
driven by CTV


VCR on Sundays and Wednesdays

Key Insights

  • CTV drove 97% of the inventory, with a whopping 99.05% VCR
  • While Sundays and Wednesdays drove the best VCR, at 99.12%, Saturdays also saw a strong VCR as well, at 99.10%

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