Power tool company drove more than 11,000 conversions in 60 days

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A power tool company aimed to drive sales by employing two campaigns — one right before Christmas and one during the spring season. The brand set out to reach audiences within the United States, specifically targeting:

  • Hobbyists
  • Individuals interested in power tools
  • New homeowners
  • Homeowners with upcoming renovations
  • Individuals interested in their competitors
  • Individuals who frequent Lowes or Home Depot

They enlisted Digilant’s help to reach potential customers through a variety of channels and formats, including video, over-the-top (OTT), social, and display ads.


Digilant used a mix of full-funnel tactics to create awareness amongst new prospects, and lower-funnel tactics to drive individuals to purchase their tools in-store. The tactics leveraged included:

Samsung’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) segments: The ACR segments reached audiences exposed to their competitor’s linear TV or connected TV (CTV) ads and reached users who frequently shopped at Lowes or Home Depot.

Video retargeting: By placing a pixel on their landing page, Digilant successfully retargeted anyone who visited with a video.

Pre-roll contextual targeting: By leveraging pre-roll contextual targeting, the power-tool brand reached those who were also homeowners, interested in DIY and home projects, crafters, and outside yard work — categories which aligned with their intended audience.

Social to Display: By repurposing the company’s existing Facebook assets, Digilant seamlessly created display ads.


The combination of tactics and channels allowed Digilant to exceed the campaign’s goals, and the power tools company extended their campaign with Digilant. Furthermore, Digilant identified that Samsung’s ACR segments were not only helpful in reaching the client’s desired audience, but also drove the most conversions and had the lowest cost-per action (CPA). With Digilant’s help, the brand drove:


Total conversions


Clickthrough rate

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