ABM industries generated over 350 site visits using account based marketing and Octane11’s unique reporting

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ABM, a leading provider of facility services and solutions, wanted to maximize reach of its pipeline precisely when prospects were in the RFP mindset, increase sales engagement, and influence consideration.


ABM emphasized the promotion of two main services to drive awareness, website visits, content downloads, and ABM sales. With a target account list of approximately 2,000 accounts, ABM set its sights on diverse industries such as aviation, education, businesses, manufacturing, and distribution. To engage the right audience within these industries, ABM targeted specific job titles as well, such as facility managers and superintendents in the educational space, and aimed to connect with these specific audiences at various points in their decision-making journey. 

Digilant initiated highly targeted display and audio campaigns over six months to engage with ABM’s target account list. Our team focused on a full funnel solution, leveraging tactics such as account based marketing (also known as people-based marketing using ABM’s first-party contact list), third-party data segments, contextual targeting, and site retargeting.

Through Digilant’s strategic partnership with Octane11, a B2B-focused data analytics and collaboration platform, Digilant secured powerful audience insights on behalf of its client, including:

Verification of reached and engaged target accounts on their target list

Verification of decision makes who were reached

Impact analysis and audience insights to inform campaign performance and future targeting strategies

Engagement data on spefici accounts and professionals for improve intelligence


Leveraging data-driven insights to optimize campaigns, Digilant enabled ABM to reach the right audiences and drive engagement. The campaign successfully achieved the following: 

Campaign reach
amongst ABM’s
account list
Account list growth
observed from
July to August

Website visits
from account list

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