Apparel Retailer Drove 260,000 Unique Store Visits with a Strategic Omnichannel Approach

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An esteemed family-owned apparel retailer operating 94 stores across the South and Southwest United States aimed to increase traffic and sales to their brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online, during the Black Friday and Christmas shopping period.

Target Audience

The target demographic for the retailer included adults ages 25 to 49 who were:

  • Avid cowboy boot enthusiasts
  • Holiday shoppers
  • Bargain-hunting aficionados
  • Bargain-conscious Black Friday enthusiasts
  • Mothers shopping for their families
  • Fashion-forward individuals

The campaign focused on a 30-mile radius around the retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations.


The “kickoff campaign” ran from November 22 to December 5, 2023 and was strategically timed to amplify Black Friday buzz and spark early Christmas shopping. The “countdown campaign” spanned from December 6 to December 24, 2023, timed perfectly to keep the momentum going, driving sales right up to Christmas. To execute the digital portion of their campaign, the retailer enlisted Digilant’s help.

For both campaigns, the team leveraged banners, high-impact, audio, and connected TV ads to increase awareness and encourage shoppers to visit the stores. The omnichannel approach allowed the retailer to engage their target audience throughout the day via various channels and ad formats, ensuring they remained a top consideration during holiday shopping.

To effectively reach and engage the audience, Digilant used a variety of targeting solutions tailored to connect with new shoppers, re-engage lapsed customers, and encourage users to make purchases in-store or online. High-performing tactics included retargeting homepage visitors and cart abandoners, targeting audiences near a store location, and reaching loyal shoppers. Digilant also used Yahoo’s first-party receipt and transactional data, along with data from Attain, to access millions of consented purchase data points sourced from bank transactions, retail accounts, and receipts.

The high-impact ads were designed in various iterations, each promoting different messages. One version encouraged users to find the nearest store location and visit it in person, while another highlighted their ongoing holiday sale, inviting customers to drop by the store.


Throughout the duration of both campaigns, the omnichannel strategy yielded an impressive 39,394 clicks, drove 20,020 visits to the homepage, and enticed 3,480 visitors to explore the store locator webpage.




Homepage visits



Additionally, Digilant leveraged Foursquare’s technology to track foot traffic metrics, assessing the number of unique visitors, store visits, and website purchase conversions.  Over the course of the campaigns, the retailer saw 260,318 unique store visitors, 334,043 total store visits, and 1,899 website purchases.


Total store visits


Unique store visitors

Thanks to a strategic combination of channels, ad formats, and data partners, the apparel retailer exceeded their goals. Consequently, they invested an additional $25,000 in the campaign to further enhance performance during a critical time period for the brand.

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