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At Digilant, we partner with agencies and brands to bring online marketing services that make the success of all things digital possible. To do that, we don’t operate on hunches. We rely on audience insights, performance benchmarks, data science, and technology to enhance the strategy, creativity, and human element behind our work. We build flexible partnerships with our clients – we can take on the burden of media buying with our Managed Service Solutions, coach and train your team on media buying with our Self-Service Solutions, or build a Full-Service Solution that’s customized to meet your needs end to end.


Managed Service

Solutions for Advertising Agencies

We know the challenges that brands and agencies face. More pressure than ever to quantify business impact, greater trouble keeping pace with emerging channels, and an increasing need for digital media platform experts. Our managed-services solution was developed with these challenges in mind.

Digilant makes it possible for agencies to bolster expertise and services for media clients and for brands to scale media buying quickly. Agencies and brands trust Digilant to manage all of the planning, buying, optimizations required for digital advertising campaigns of any size.

Digilant offers completely managed online marketing services to agencies and brands. With channels supported across programmatic, search, and social, Digilant makes media buying simple, though the real power of Digilant comes from our unmatched biddable media knowledge base and bespoke reporting and insights.

Self Service

Solutions for In-House Media Teams

A self-service programmatic online advertising solution customized to fit your needs.

Through our exclusive partnership with MediaMath, we offer brands access to a self-service programmatic ad platform that puts the power in the hands of in-house advertising teams. Direct platform access empowers advertisers to select targeting parameters and inventory and to fully own campaign management. With complete transparency, you and your team can adjust campaign volume and pacing in real-time according to budget and marketing goals.

We recognize that self-service programmatic online advertising success requires much more than a login and basic platform training. The most effective way to get your team up and running with direct platform access is to provide personalized training sessions and comprehensive onboarding materials. Digilant is a one-stop-shop for all things related to programmatic in-housing. This includes dedicated client support and onboarding teams, full access to MediaMath’s programmatic media buying platform, and in-depth guidance on how to get the most out of your programmatic media investments.


  • Transparent Pricing
  • Cross-Device
  • Curated Marketplace & Curated inventory
  • Viewable Marketplace

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Full Service

Solutions for Brands

We help advertisers leverage digital advertising to create growth by any means necessary. Our team is made up of data analysts, biddable-media platform experts, and ad tech specialists sitting alongside planners and strategists.

Our full service digital marketing agency services are purpose-built to position Digilant as the best possible partner to advertisers. Where traditional agencies can be slow to react, overly complex, and high-cost we are proactive, nimble, and readily available.

We start with consumer research to define the target audience, which leads to the development of an integrated media strategy and sets the stage for campaign analysis and measurable performance. As a full-service omni-channel digital advertising partner, we create digital media strategies that span across the following channels:


Service matters.

Winning service makes a difference.

Winning client service is one of Digilant’s four guiding principles and is core to everything we do. It starts with online marketing services that are designed to meet advertisers’ needs whatever they are. As needs change, we stay right there with them with full-service, managed-service, and self-service engagement models and an extensive range of capabilities in-house and under one roof. Contact us today.

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