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Digilant is the leading MediaMath platform partner. MediaMath is a top-ranked, fully integrated DMP/DSP by Forrester Research and Gartner.

  • Access to an integrated DSP and DMP platform
  • Access to rich data that can be segmented and activated in real-time
  • Access to true omnichannel capabilities that can provide meaningful placements across every channel, format, and screen

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Google DV360

Digilant is fully integrated with Google’s Display & Video 360.

DV360 has expansive targeting capabilities that allow advertisers to drill down to more pinpointed segments from large data providers such as BlueKai, Eyeota, and more.

Additionally, advertisers have much more control and insight into who they are targeting with the availability of third-party audience segments.

  • Access to YouTube
  • Access to Google data (search data, chrome data, email data)
    in our programmatic campaigns
  • Access to Google’s cross-device graph
  • Access to Google support team
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