More than 500 clients, across a variety of industries ranging from retail and beauty to cruise and airlines to military intelligence trust Digilant to build and implement strategic, data-driven omnichannel marketing campaigns. Below you’ll find some of our most popularly serviced verticles and learn about how we tailor our approach and strategy to create media mixes for success, no matter the industry.

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“Digilant is one of the strongest media partnerships we have. The team is dedicated, organized, flexible and transparent which are qualities that make them such a stellar group of people to work with. The targeting and scale that Digilant can achieve, especially with our clients who have hard to reach audiences, always exceed benchmarks and expectations. From small pilots to long-term campaigns, Digilant is a partner we can always rely on to help achieve our clients’ business goals and generate success.”

Hannah Lysak, Associate Media Director, The Boston Group

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