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We help advertisers leverage digital advertising to create growth by any means necessary. Our team is made up of data analysts, biddable-media platform experts, and ad tech specialists sitting alongside planners and strategists.

We understand what a digital media strategy requires – radical transparency and a team of experts who are agile and flexible. And when we are working on behalf of clients in crowded categories, you deserve nothing less.


Narrowing the gap between advertisers and consumers on digital.

Our full-service solutions are purpose-built to position Digilant as the best possible partner to advertisers. Where traditional agencies can be slow to react, overly complex, and high-cost we are proactive, nimble, and readily available.

We start with consumer research to define the target audience, which leads to the development of an integrated media strategy and sets the stage for campaign analysis and measurable performance. As a full-service media partner, we can create digital media strategies that span across the following channels:


Underpinning our agency and consulting services is MAIA, our proprietary marketing intelligence engine, that is designed to be a transparent tool for campaign analysis, strategy, activation, and measurement. It’s technology at it’s best, matched with thoughtful human insights.

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