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How consumers are buying healthcare is changing rapidly, especially during this highly sensitive time. Can healthcare brands keep up? 

At Digilant we reject the notion that healthcare is a “low-interest” category. It’s just an elusive one. Consumers spend a lot on it. You can’t always see or touch it. And even when consumers don’t need care, they perceive that they end up paying a lot for it.

So when healthcare companies entrust us with their brands, we set out to amplify their message to help build consumer trust. Through our strategic approach to digital marketing, we present their products and services in the right context online and with approachable messaging and creative. We bring messages of wellness and safety to the palm of their hands via mobile screens and to comfort of their couches via smart TVs.

The best healthcare brands find opportunity in risk; we find it at the intersection of data and insights, the perfect channel mix, and creative strategy that moves the needle. Because healthcare is only “low-interest” if your media partner lets it be.

The Digital Landscape of the Healthcare & Pharma Industries


of patients have used telehealth, prior to COVID-19 only 10% had.
(Source: Noble Studios)

1 in 20

of all Google searches are for health-related information.
(Source: Google)


of consumers use online reviews as the first step in finding a new physician.
(Source: Patient Pop)

Client Success Stories


Digital Advertising Solutions for Healthcare & Pharma Brands

Audience Targeting

Leverage custom segments built from web search, purchase history, mobile app ownership, and web visit data to find and deliver brand messaging to consumers who have shown the most interest in your brand.

Key Benefits

  • Customizing ads using real-time behavior and data points drives over 50% higher engagement.
  • Sending users to the right pages and actions by pinpointing user intent helps boost conversions by 6X.

Location Based Targeting

Create custom location-based audiences by setting a specific radius that can be targeted on display or mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Use custom geo-fences to target consumers before they arrive at a location, while they’re at a location, and after they leave a location.
  • Location-based targeting removes barriers to sales. When a prospect is physically close to your location, you have a much better chance of persuading them to purchase from you.

Adaptive Segmentation

Develop custom segments based on observed behaviors to reach the most qualified audience segment(s). Segment consumers who have visited your booking site(s) multiple times, and/or abandoned the booking cart to reach mid and bottom-funnel prospective customers. In a similar way, you can segment consumers who have clicked on ads but not yet converted.

App Ownership

Reach verified, deterministic mobile audiences classified along dimensions of life stage, interest & activity, & intent based on app ownership behaviors. This can be targeted by using pre-built segments or custom segments.

Contextual Targeting

Deliver ads on websites or site pages that are directly relevant to the ad you’re running, based on pre-determined content categories. Contextual segments can also be put in place as pre-bid filters for viewability and brand safety.

Digilant Premium

Privileged Access to 1,000+ fully-verified publishers allows us to create site lists geared directly towards your desired audience. This premium placement can be paired with targeting tactics to reach customers most interested in your brand. 

Algorithmic Optimizer

Our proprietary technology is fully-customizable, giving us the ability to build algorithms that optimize towards your main KPI or goal at the most efficient CPM.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize bid efficiency and drive performance

Look alike Targeting

Target new prospects that look & behave more like your most valuable customers.

Social Predict

Social Predict segments use real-time social monitoring technology to discover the way people are discussing topics across 50,000 digital channels, including social media, blogs, and publications. 

Key Partnership: Peer39

Our partnership with Peer39 allows us to target segments related to healthcare.

Weather Trigger

Digilant partners with leading weather data providers to deliver ads based on weather conditions being experienced in real-time by consumers in their respective zip code.

Key Benefits

  • Send targeting ads based on conditions such as actual temperature, “feels like” temperature, weather conditions, and weather alerts.
  • Target consumers with timely ads during cold, flu, and allergy season.

Digital Out-of-Home

Reach your audience at the most impactful moments in their day. Find on-the-go customers with digital out-of-home media across areas in corporate locations, malls, family entertainment venues, billboards, and more priority locations.

Key Benefits

  • 100% viewability
  • 100% brand safe

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