Case Study

Cancer Therapy Institute Increases Treatment Option Awareness


How can a Cancer Center Drive Form-fills requesting more information about a specific cancer therapy?

A US Cancer Therapy Institute wanted to increase awareness for a proton therapy they offered as a treatment option for various types of cancers. They specifically wanted to use this awareness to drive prospective patients to their website to fill out a contact form requesting more treatment information. To achieve this goal, the Institute enlisted Digilant’s help.

The Institute wanted to specifically target people above 65 living in the southern region of the United States. As secondary audience targeting tactics, they wanted to focus on females, college-educated people, and those with household incomes of $75,000+. To reach this audience, the Digilant team implemented behavioral and contextual targeting delivered via display advertisements.

To reaffirm brand awareness and encourage form-fills, the team utilized retargeting. After people were served the first display advertisement, they were retargeting using both display and video ads. The team continued to focus on consumers who interacted with the ad but had yet to convert, ensuring they continued seeing ads both in display and video formats. This strategy produced 2/3 of the conversation seen throughout the entire campaign.


  • 6,234,329 impressions
  • 0.18% CTR (exceeding industry standard of 0.09%)
  • 72.82% VCR (exceeding industry standard of 70%)
  • 60 conversions


The three audiences most likely to convert were:

  • Affluent Business Professional: 27.85x more likely to convert
  • High Net Worth Health Enthusiast: 27.51x
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: 23x

The team used Digilant’s proprietary web-crawling technology to deliver ads across relevant placements, such as:

  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Healthline
  • WebMD
  • Medical Daily
  • Medical News Today
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