Case Study

E-commerce Furniture Brand Exceeds ROAS Goal by 60%


How can an online furniture retailer drive immediate revenue while simultaneously ensuring long-term growth?



In a category that is commoditized and highly competitive, our client was looking to attract new customers and drive loyalty within their existing customer base.

Together we identified a growth opportunity among married females, 35-64, who are family-oriented, well-educated; and enjoy travel and design. This audience has a high propensity to purchase home furnishings, but often suffers from selection paralysis when it comes to e-commerce.

With this in mind, we tapped into a multitude of cross-channel display and retargeting tactics that assured our client’s ROAS goals. Further, we enlisted Consumer Persona, our proprietary data visualization tool to help our client better understand the highest lift audiences for the campaign.



  • Hit display ROAS goal
  • Exceeded retargeting ROAS goal by 60%
  • Identified CRM targeting and retargeting as top-performing tactics
  • Desktop outperformed mobile for conversions


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