Case Study

University Drives Interest For Undergraduate and Graduate Programs


How can a prestigious university gain student interest for specific undergraduate and graduate programs?


A well-regarded university was looking to increase applications and grow enrollment for its undergraduate and graduate programs. The first problem the university was looking to tackle was to better understand their target audience of students and to drive their target audience to take action by filling out an online “request for information” form about a undergraduate or graduate program. To attract this specific audience of students, Digilant utilized retargeting, lookalike targeting, and algorithmic optimizer to drive conversions. The combination of tactics helped to drive over 47 million impressions and a click through rate of 0.16% – surpassing the industry standard.

Leveraging Digilant’s proprietary Consumer Persona tool, the team gained great insights into the specific audience engaging with the ads. There was a near 50:50 split engagement between male and female and nearly ¼ of converters fell within the target age range of 25-34, across the campaigns for both programs.


47,292,401 impressions

74,673 clicks

108 conversions


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