Brand Health You Can Track

Discover how your brand stacks up with Digilant’s Brand Health Tracking. Gain sector-specific and competitive intelligence so you can identify new category entry points, capitalize on competitive weaknesses, better understand the customer journey, and expand your customer base, all with one simple report.
Our Clients:

Data Driven Intelligence

Shed light on how consumers engage with your industry so you can stand apart from your direct and indirect competition. Uncover marketing and advertising opportunities ripe for the taking with the aid of intent-based data and analytics.

Easy-peasy Data Interpretation

Reading and interpreting data shouldn’t require a PHD. That’s why our Brand Health Tracking provides easy-to-read reports and digestible insights that help you make informed decisions about investments and strategies that can help move the needle on your business.

Measurable Brand Lift

Brand Health Tracking allows you to benchmark and measure campaign impact on your brand over time, so you can confidently invest in your media strategy.

Brand Health Tracking is Table Stakes

Not every advertiser or marketer can count on the brain power of a data science team to make data-fueled decisions. But, with Brand Health Tracking, you don’t need one to make informed investments. With our simple reporting you can:

Neutralize Competitive Threats

Uncover competitive strategies, tactics, and approaches to neutralize competitors and capitalize on market opportunities.

Save Time & Resources

Our simple and insightful reporting helps you save time on data interpretation so you can get back to what matters most — reaching and engaging your audience.

Take the Guesswork Out of Media Buying

No more spray and pray. Approach strategic media conversations with the intelligence you need to back up your decisioning.

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