Advanced TV with Digilant

Leverage the tremendous power of advanced TV to reach and engage your audiences across all their favorite TV platforms and devices — not just the big screen — with unparalleled precision. 
Our Clients:

Drive Deeper Connections

The TV landscape has changed. People are consuming content more than ever on new TV platforms and across different devices. This presents advertisers with more opportunities to connect with their audiences and drive deeper connections.

Leverage Premium Partnerships

We've partnered with industry-leading TV platforms like Samsung, FreeWheel, and Magnite, as well as Peer39 for contextual targeting to offer advertisers extensive reach, transparent and premium inventory, and competitive rates.

Seize the Moment with Advanced TV

Learn how this state tourism board leveraged Digilant's advanced TV solutions to drive awareness and a 99.41% VCR.
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The Primetime Moment is Fading. Capture Attention with Advanced TV

Unlock the tremendous power of advanced TV to reach audiences of all sizes across devices, drive engagement, and business results. Learn how advanced TV can help you:

Drive more efficient media spend

Reach and engage your audiences, even those that are hard to reach, with precision targeting.

Measure and track campaign impact

Access granular reporting to gather insights on what consumers are watching, drive in-store traffic, and even sales.

Future-proof targeting

Use research and first-party data to learn what’s important to your audience, and how to reach them — without cookies.

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