2019 Travel & Tourism Trends: A Digital Marketer’s Programmatic Passport

04/24/2019 - Sierra Ducey

Summer is a little over a month away and digital consumers are just a search, scroll, and click away from taking advantage of the flexibility that the season grants, as many take a break from their day-to-day and book the perfect getaway. As one of the largest industries, projected to reach $2.4 trillion in the next ten years, digital marketers need to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, especially as consumers continue to utilize online booking capabilities.
Nearly half of travelers begin trip planning with a search engine, 30% on social media and 23% watch videos, so utilizing the power of digital advertising and ensuring your brand is front-and-center in the planning process is key. It’s essential for marketers/media planners to understand the different types of travelers, how they are deciding where to go, when they’re booking and how to reach them in order to execute a winning programmatic campaign. So, Digilant has complied an infographic, based on industry research and insights, outlining the answers to all these questions.

The infographic features:

1. The Different Types of Travelers

There are key generational differences between travelers – what they are seeking, when they book and their most desirable destinations.

2. How and When Travelers Book:

Consumers are booking last-minute trips and activities now more than ever, especially on mobile.

3. The Impact of Social Media on Travel

Younger travelers prioritize sharing their trips on Instagram, so much so that they will not book a destination if it isn’t  #instaworthy.

4. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Hone in on the business traveler with artificial intelligence who are quickly moving from destination to destination so they’re looking for any way to make their traveling easier.

5. The Power of Programmatic… Next Steps

Digilant has outlined our top tips to make sure all digital marketers are ready for a successful 2019 summer travel season.

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