2018 Holiday Shopper Insights with Media Planning Infographic

10/24/2018 - Sierra Ducey

Fall is upon us and family and friends are preparing for gatherings and gift giving, which means marketers need to prepare to launch effective digital media buying campaigns that maximize ROAS during the 2018 Holiday Season. eMarketer predicts that Holiday eCommerce sales will increase by 15.3% from last year and advertisers need to be aware of the evolving purchase locations and behaviors of digital consumers to take advantage of this annual spike in retail spending.

Your Guide to the 2018 Winter Holiday Season

Digilant’s Global Analytics team, combined industry consumer data together with intelligence from last year’s media buying trends and campaign performance results, to determine best practices for advertisers ramping up their 2018 Winter Holiday digital media campaigns.   In this infographic, you’ll learn:

  • Consumer shopping patterns during Thanksgiving weekend
  • Consumer media consumption and research methods during this same weekend
  • Key dates for media spend and online shopper conversions
  • How to better reach your target audience using geolocation and other advanced tactics this winter season?
  • How to best leverage walled-gardens like Amazon to drive conversions during peak online shopping days?

Download the COMPLETE HOLIDAY SHOPPER INSIGHTS INFOGRAPHIC to uncover insights to kick-start your Holiday Media Planning!


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