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How to get more from mobile

12/17/2020 - Sierra Ducey

How to get more from mobile

by Kristina Knight (via BizReport)

According to new data out from App Annie the time people spend in mobile – using apps, etc – is skyrocketing in 2020, and that likely has many wondering just what businesses can do to engage these users. We asked a digital expert for advice.

Our CEO, Raquel Rosenthal advised being smarter about how voice and privacy:

“With voice search adoption on the rise, 2021 will be the year for marketers to audit existing campaigns and web content and start generating new content that is optimized with voice search in mind. Don’t forget privacy regulations and user consent. As privacy regulations bleed past the CCPA to more states, it’s important for marketers to re-examine their privacy policy, the data they collect and the data that is ultimately necessary to use for marketing and advertising purposes.”

-Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

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