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How Retailers Can Engage Omnichannel Shoppers in 2021

01/26/2021 - Liz Cerrone

How Retailers Can Engage Omnichannel Shoppers in 2021

By Mike Addinizio | VP of Paid Media, Digilant

via Total Retail

Marketers and retailers who have long relied on historical consumer behavior data and trends to guide their omnichannel planning and campaigns are facing a new reality in 2021. The pandemic has not only changed the way consumers shop and purchase products, but also how they choose to engage with brands overall.

The biggest change has been the acceleration of all things digital across every audience segment, as even older consumers have been forced to learn and grow comfortable with new devices, tools and platforms.

As a result, retailers need to be increasingly nimble in 2021, even as their marketing mix undergoes a transformation to reflect a new consumer mindset. A marketing plan put in place in January will have to be checked and stress-tested to ensure it’s still the right solution for March.

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