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Reach Your Audience at the Right Time with DOOH Solutions

05/02/2023 - Carley Wells

For better or worse, we live in a society that is comfortable with multitasking and more than competent enough to research products and services on mobile devices. With this in mind, effective digital advertising can no longer be left up to desktop ads. It is essential to implement strategic channels and tactics to connect with your consumers during the most critical moments of their shopping journey. Beyond mobile tactics, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ads are also a highly effective channel to reach consumers on the go.

A recent study found that 98% of consumers pass by at least one DOOH venue each month, and 84% actively recall the advertisements, making DOOH advertising the perfect medium to increase brand awareness and visibility. DOOH certainly isn’t a magic solution for your advertising campaigns, but rather a trusted component that amplifies the impact of every other touchpoint in your omnichannel approach, including:

  • Increasing reach by as much as 303% when added to a mobile or web campaign.
  • Driving 4x more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio, and print.

Today’s consumers are not single-channel shoppers, so it is more critical than ever to deliver your brand message across multiple environments to connect with customers as they move between channels.

Improvements in Audience Targeting for DOOH Ads

While DOOH isn’t new to the advertising world, many brands aren’t aware of all the advanced targeting solutions available, including:

1. DOOH Time-of-Day Targeting

By moving with your audience throughout the day, you can have multiple touchpoints to keep consumers engaged and your brand top-of-mind. Well-timed DOOH ads in contextually relevant locations will naturally capture consumer attention throughout their daily routine.

For example, if your target audience is commuting home at 5:30 p.m., a subway may be the most effective location for your dynamic ad.

2. Geotargeting Advertising

With DOOH, you can incorporate geotargeting to reach your intended audience in specific geographic locations. This approach involves using mobile location data to guide the placement of ads, which can then drive foot traffic to nearby stores. For example, a restaurant chain can display DOOH ads in a mall to reach hungry shoppers browsing for products, driving foot traffic to a store location.

DOOH ads can help increase brand visibility and awareness in specific locations where your target audience is most likely to be found. By collecting device IDs and tracking user movements, you can retarget consumers who have seen your DOOH ad across mobile and desktop to further increase the chances of conversion.

3. Behavioral-Pattern Targeting

Digital screens offer advanced tracking and reporting to tap into. Through this reporting, you can analyze consumer movement patterns and better understand your target audience’s behaviors. Consumers can be reached in multiple locations including gyms, morning commutes, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, etc. With this capability, brands can create more segmented audiences based on places visited and track foot traffic to specific locations, impressions, and brand lift more accurately.

4. First-Party Data Targeting

When combined with first-party data, DOOH advertising can amplify campaigns for an even broader reach. You can create custom audiences based on consumers’ previous interactions with your brand by linking location data to your brand’s first-party data.

Improvements in Reporting and Measurement

These solutions allow you to better target your audience, and improvements in tracking and reporting — a historically challenging aspect of out-of-home campaigns — empower you to take your DOOH dollars even further.

Precise audience-targeting data available with DOOH ad buys allow you to reach consumers at multiple touchpoints. Unlike a static billboard, digital-out-of-home ads can move with your audience throughout their daily journey, increasing brand recall and engagement, and keeping your brand present in consumers’ lives.

The digital aspect of DOOH allows you to easily tie the data and measurement into omnichannel campaignswith scale. Your advertising efforts will be amplified when paired with social messaging or a mobile/desktop campaign, resulting in increasing consumer engagement. By collecting device IDs, you can retarget your consumers with precision and boost the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

At Digilant, we provide mid-campaign reporting* and optimize your campaign toward the best-performing venue types within DOOH, ensuring that your marketing dollars work harder and go farther. Our partnerships allow us to measure upper and lower funnel KPIs such as foot traffic, brand lift, and sales lift metrics (when feasible).

*depending on the flight length

Ready to Get Started With Advanced DOOH Solutions?

Digital out-of-home advertising continues to evolve and become more dynamic, interactive, and easier to buy than ever before. The advent of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising allows advertisers to buy ad space through real-time bidding to target and deliver personalized ads more efficiently and effectively.

These advanced solutions in DOOH create more opportunities to deliver timely, personalized, and relevant ads; increase foot traffic to physical locations; and gain valuable insights into your target audience’s behaviors.

At Digilant, we specialize in helping advertisers maximize the effectiveness of their digital advertising campaigns. Connect with our team today and start implementing the power of DOOH advertising in your campaigns.


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