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How do you solve a problem like… a social media backlash?

03/16/2021 - Sierra Ducey

How do you solve a problem like… a social media backlash?

By   via The Drum

New features recently added by Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit may help brands pre-emptively spike backlash, as the platforms now offer advertisers and creators the option to moderate user replies. Could such controls be the answer for safety-conscious advertisers, or are there other ways to prevent a post from blowing up in a brand’s face?

The Drum asked advertising experts their opinion in the latest edition of “How Do you solve a problem like…” Here’s what Digilant CEO, Raquel Rosenthal had to say:

“Absolutely, advertisers are always going to want greater control. We’ve seen major brands pull advertising from social platforms like Facebook due to limited control over hate speech and the moderation of defamatory comments. In the last year, we’ve seen advancements in AI-powered moderation built by social platforms themselves, and while it’s well-intentioned, it still has its flaws. I anticipate we’ll see an uptick of third-party tools and solutions offering comment moderation that will put more control in the hands of advertisers. Will it solve the moderation problem completely? We’ve yet to find out.”

Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

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