Forward Together: Reintroducing Digilant 

Back to Blog - by Raquel Rosenthal

Today marks an exciting milestone in Digilant’s journey as we unveil our new visual identity. This transformation is more than just an aesthetic shift; it also reflects our company’s commitment, as a media planning and buying partner, to innovation in a perpetually evolving industry.

The current digital landscape is vastly different from the one we knew even five years ago with the proliferation of data, new devices, and the rise of new channels altering how advertisers effectively reach and engage audiences. And we sit on yet another precipice of change as we face the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, and the increasing demand for personalized consumer experiences. It’s clear that with time digital advertising has only become, and will continue to be, vastly complex.

For many advertisers, navigating these complexities can be a herculean feat. As a leader with a deep understanding of the intricacies of media buying, ad tech, and analytics, I understand these challenges and the critical importance of having access to cutting-edge resources that empower businesses to succeed.

From day one, our mission has been to eliminate barriers to the industry’s most sophisticated tools, enabling advertisers to seamlessly connect the dots — across data, devices, channels, audience, and more — with confidence. Over the last year, we’ve secured new partnerships, introduced new services, and rolled out additional capabilities to provide our advertisers with the technology, expertise, and intelligence they need to thrive. Our previous identity, while effective in its time, no longer represented the innovative media partner that is Digilant; our new brand reflects that ambition, capability, and promise.

As we move forward, I invite everyone — clients, prospects, partners, and our team — to explore and engage our refreshed brand. It’s designed not only to stand out but to stand for something: our unwavering commitment to supporting our clients, helping them to scale and achieve success with innovative solutions, deep insights, and integrity.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. I look forward to continued success in creating powerful media narratives, together.

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