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Predictions 2020: The Rise of Contextual Advertising

12/18/2019 - Sierra Ducey

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Authored by Matthew Broughton

As the decade draws to a close, ExchangeWire has invited thought leaders from across the industry to share their predictions and insight into what 2020 will hold for the ad tech and martech industries. Under the spotlight today is the rise of contextual advertising solutions. While hardly a nascent targeting method, it is set to come to the fore with privacy pressures upon cookie-based solutions, though can contextual advertising answer questions over its effectiveness, and is it too set to be constrained by browsers?

“2020 will be the year of responsibility in digital advertising. The human touch component of programmatic media buying will be more critical than ever, as companies will need to be accountable and transparent with their clients about their buying approaches. There will also be a resurgence in contextual targeting and content alignment as a result of increased consumer control in the world of tracking and data targeting”

Jenna Umbrianna, Digital Manager

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