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Digilant Enters Partnership with Tipico

07/15/2020 - Sierra Ducey

“Having designed and developed one of the first trading desk data management platforms, Digilant has had a strong foothold in the programmatic media space for over a decade. Today, we are seeing a need in the market for complete omnichannel solutions. Digilant is at the forefront of not only providing a range of these types of services to clients but also doing so with transparency and measurable success.”

Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

Digilant, an omnichannel digital advertising services company, has partnered with Tipico, an international provider of sports betting and casino games.

Most recently, Digilant helped PopCorners, a well-known snack brand, increase its sales by 40% via a Facebook and Instagram campaign, as Digilant continues to expand into digital channels including Programmatic Audio/Podcasting, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Connected TV.

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