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Connected TV Connects With Voters During COVID

09/17/2020 - Sierra Ducey

Connected TV Connects With Voters During COVID

Internet-linked TV could help candidates pivot to digital during a disrupted campaign

Conversations are happening in meetings with every political advertiser about what it will take to generate a winning outcome this election cycle. While these sorts of talks are nothing new, they are happening during unprecedented circumstances.

The pandemic has thrown a proverbial wrench in the campaign strategies for candidates. Amid the public health emergency, COVID-19 has forced political advertisers to accelerate the adoption of digital channels. Not only is the greater adoption of digital channels necessary for advertisers to make up for lost opportunities to connect with voters in-person through rallies and canvassing, but it is inevitable as content consumption on digital channels rises.

Political advertisers have a handle on some digital channels, and there are other channels they are just starting to figure out. One of those channels (which also turns out to be surging 60% since the COVID-19 outbreak) is connected TV — internet-
connected TV sets or devices.

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