Case Study

Top 10 US Automotive Brand Increases Seasonal Sales


How can a top-10 auto brand drive traffic to their site for their spring sales event?


Our client was interested in driving traffic to specific landing pages on their site. Each page had specific actions geared toward consumers based on their stage along the customer journey. These actions included using the nearest location finder, learning about offers, and submitting an inquiry for a specific vehicle. 

The client team utilized Digilant’s programmatic capabilities to see this goal come to fruition. Digilant was able to successfully hone in on audience segments, by incorporating a variety of tactics.

The most conversions (20%) occurred in the <1 hour time bucket, proving that the majority of users immediately submitted a purchase inquiry after being served the ad. The next largest group came 3-12 hours after being served the ad. As a result, the Digilant team implemented strategic retargeting that took into account hourly trends. This approach led to the 6,064 actions on the clients’s landing pages. 

Running this campaign on Facebook and Instagram, Digilant was able to learn about the best converting audiences. These insights were used for campaign optimization and to inform the client’s fall savings event campaign. 


6,064 total actions

12,922,874 impressions

714,815 completed video views

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