2024 Partner Predictions with Samsung Ads

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In the last installment of our 2024 Partner Predictions series, we met with Crissie Perez, Head of South, Midwest, and West Emerging Sales, at Samsung Ads to discuss her predictions for CTV advertising in 2024 and beyond. Let’s dive in.

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How can advertisers leverage CTV to reach and engage their audiences throughout the entire funnel — and not just for awareness?

Television advertising has long served as the ultimate awareness medium due to its extensive scale. In the CTV landscape, advertisers are still able to build awareness for their brand but have taken it a step further with new and engaging ad formats, enhanced audience targeting, and granular insights.

CTV serves as a complementary element to marketing strategies, allowing advertisers to reach a growing population that prefers the familiarity of linear TV while enjoying the convenience of connectivity (i.e. “cord cutters” and other digital users). Because of this connectivity, advertisers have the data needed to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. For example, if a consumer has already been exposed to an ad, they can be retargeted with a different ad later on with a QR code that could drive a consumer to their website.

In the multi-platform market that is TV advertising, advertisers can leverage performance metrics like app openings, lift in awareness, lift in foot traffic, and plenty more to understand the full-funnel impact of their campaigns.

How can agencies and advertisers leverage CTV advertising to their advantage in 2024, especially as we say “goodbye” to cookies?

As the industry prepares for third-party cookie deprecation, advertisers must tap into first-party data sources. While the initial announcement of cookie deprecation may have caused unease in the advertising ecosystem, there is a plethora of resources available for advertisers to leverage and manage their proprietary data.

But how does one organize this information for optimal use? Collaborating with key partners is essential, and companies like Samsung Ads are aiding brands in gaining a deeper understanding of their customers. Identifying important KPIs like foot traffic, website visits, and downloads for example will help shape a strategy and determine whether you are over-reaching, under-reaching, or completely missing your target audience.

Crissie mentions data management platforms (DMPs) as essential tools in addressing diverse client needs. A DMP uses first-party data to help advertisers plan and execute CTV campaigns, segment audiences, build lookalike audiences, and optimize media spend across campaigns. At Samsung, brands can enhance their first-party data with Samsung Ads’ proprietary first-party TV data, allowing for refined targeting strategies and the delivery of precise, personalized, and impactful CTV campaign advertising campaigns.

As we head into the new year, Crissie emphasizes the importance of advertisers having patience. With the onset of cookie deprecation, navigating the complexities becomes critical;  now is the time to collaborate with partners and seek assistance as needed to manage and use your data for campaigns. The future is bright for CTV, and advertisers can reap the benefits of this cookieless solution.

Thank you Crissie and the Samsung Ads team for your time and insights!

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