Analytics Platform

Connect and visualize performance data in a single reporting tool.

Digilant aggregates data into an easy to navigate reporting dashboard, so you can effortlessly access marketing performance and easily improve your time-to-insight.


Single Source of Truth

Get a single source of truth for your business by unifying all of your data into a single dashboard.  Reports and visualizations can easily be shared and interpreted by your team and key stakeholders. 



With over 140 connectors, we can quickly integrate advertising, social, ecommerce, and website data so you can visualize and report on performance in one place. There are no limits on the amount of data we can include.

35% Lower

than other leading solutions providers.

Affordable Pricing

Our analytics dashboards are full-featured and come at a fraction of the cost of other solutions providers. There are no hidden costs. You get unlimited users, free consulting and support, and only pay for the connectors you need.

Cost and Time Savings

Save precious time and resources by eliminating manual work and the need for expensive data storage, preparation, and visualization tools. 


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