Sophisticated advanced TV buying, targeting, and measurement made simple with Digilant

Streaming now tops broadcast TV and cable TV. This should come as no surprise, as the average American household now has 22 connected devices. With more connected devices than ever, people have shifted away from traditional ways of accessing and consuming their favorite content. Advertisers must keep in lockstep with changing consumer habits and trends to continue to drive engagement and meaningful connections with their existing and potential customers. 

This is why Digilant is proud to provide its clients with transparent advanced TV solutions and capabilities, enabling advertisers to reach their audiences and measure engagement in privacy-compliant ways. Moreover, Digilant simplifies the media buying process. With its tiered advanced TV inventory packages, Digilant provides advertisers clarity into what inventory they’re buying, so they can easily and confidently invest in one of the most powerful and effective channels yet.

Our Partnerships

Digilant has partnered with industry-leading advanced TV platforms like Samsung, FreeWheel, Magnite, and Peer39 to offer advertisers:

Extensive reach

Through our partnership with Samsung, Digilant clients gain access to  1 out of 3 U.S. households, or nearly 70 million TV devices. Samsung’s broad reach provides Digilant’s clients with greater opportunities to engage target audiences in today’s device-rich world.

Premium inventory

Partnerships like those with Magnite and FreeWheel enable Digilant to offer clients access to more than 90% of premium ad-supported OTT providers such Hulu, Max, Peacock, Paramount and many others. Furthermore, with our Peer39 partnership, we can help advertisers reach their audiences via contextual advertising on major publishers like ABC, BBC, and Bloomberg. 

Precision targeting

With advanced TV and our reach and scale, we enable our advertiser clients to engage their customers with greater precision — even those hard-to-reach audiences. And, with solutions like automatic content recognition, advertisers can unlock additional data to reach net-new audiences 


Digilant provides transparency, in all phases of the media buying process — pricing, inventory, and reporting — so advertisers can feel confident about their media investments.


Understanding the impact of your advertising campaigns is essential to business success. By leveraging Digilant’s measurement capabilities, advertisers can tie their CTV investments to in-store traffic and even sales.

Furthermore, with Digilant, advertisers can leverage the power of advanced TV to engage their audiences with ad units that go beyond standard video, like those that layer on geo-targeted information, QR codes, rich media, and voice-to-action commands that activate a person’s smart speaker. By partnering with us, advertisers can engage audiences on “the big screen” and across all their favorite devices to capture audience attention and engagement wherever they are paying attention.

Investing in the future

Sophisticated, future-forward technologies that enable omnichannel engagement and measurement amongst key audiences are critical to advertisers securing their futures in our hyper-connected world. And, with third-party cookie deprecation on the horizon, solutions that help advertisers prepare for and adapt to a cookieless programmatic digital ecosystem are tantamount to driving success. Digilant is committed to finding, building, and providing solutions and capabilities that help our clients succeed, while also providing world-class support.

With advanced TV, advertisers can start experimenting with cookieless programmatic advertising well ahead of third-party cookie deprecation, leveraging the power of household targeting to reach and measure every device within a home. Furthermore, advanced TV enables advertisers to up-level their omnichannel strategies — a critical component to driving awareness and engagement amongst today’s consumers. 

While advertisers have ample opportunities to reach consumers across their many devices, it also means that attention is divided between them. According to Samba TV, 93% of linear TV ads only reached half of U.S. households. With advanced TV, however, advertisers can drive incremental reach — by engaging audiences who consume content on traditional TV and digital devices — targeting, and measurement across platforms.

Advanced TV with Digilant

Today’s digital ecosystem is vast and complex — but it doesn’t have to be. Digilant can help simplify digital advertising and alleviate your team’s workload by providing expert services in media strategy, buying, execution and reporting. We make it easy for you, and your clients, to succeed. Learn how Digilant, and our advanced TV offerings, can help you achieve your campaign goals and objectives by contacting us here.

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