Our understanding of CPG consumers runs deep.

We help advertisers connect with modern consumers in meaningful ways. We build and execute strategies that offer quick wins and long term performance so our clients can meet consumers where they are: online, in-app, streaming, and beyond. 

Below you’ll find some of our CPG experience, a look at who we are, and our thinking on how CPG brands can be successful in digital.

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Our Experience
7% lift in e-commerce sales.
9% lift in in-store sales.
50% increase in e-commerce sales.
200% increase in web traffic.
About Us
programmatic advertising agency programmatic advertising agency


67% of our multi-year clients hit their business goals by Q2 of this year.


We have a mix of 14 different types of media live right now for clients.

programmatic advertising agency programmatic advertising agency


While our agency group has only been in business for 5 years, our multi-year clients have stayed with us for over 3.5 years.

Our Thinking


How consumers buy is changing rapidly. Can CPG brands keep up? 

Traditionally CPG brands have relied on distribution and retail partners to own the last touch before consumers make a purchase. As a result, legacy brands have been stunted with a fragmented or shallow understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences.

In recent years the traditional path to purchase has become diluted. Emerging CPG brands are adopting direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales models with fully owned online and offline sales channels. In other cases, emerging brands are defining themselves as “digital-first” brands that bypass an offline presence to focus solely on an online presence. The benefit? Complete control of the brand, the customer experience, and perhaps above all – the customer data.

But what if your brand doesn’t have full ownership of the customer journey? What if the lion’s share of your sales are made on retail shelves and racks? It’s not too late to make investments in better understanding the final touches, both online and offline, along the customer journey.

A good first step is to fill the data gap where data is currently limited or to find a partner who can do it on your behalf.

Two investments to consider are 1st party data onboarding – something only half of CPG brands are currently doing – and data modeling to help you identify new audiences of consumers. Bridging offline customer data with online data lays the path to create a single view of the consumer. Third-party data can be used to enrich this view by providing additional behavioral, interest, and intent-level insights. With the right approach, all CPG brands can take control of customer relationships and data and use it to drive better business outcomes. A partner like Digilant can help.