How can a leading ketchup brand gauge brand perception after an audience is exposed to a new mobile campaign?


A leading ketchup brand approached Digilant for help measuring brand lift performance during and after its digital advertising campaigns. To deliver on the client’s needs, Digilant conducted a brand study that measured brand perception mid and post campaign amongst amongst experimental and control groups. The experimental group was exposed to the advertising campaign while the control group was unexposed.  Digilant provided unbiased measurement to determine if the audience exposed to the campaign had a more favorable view of the brand. 

A control audience was matched to the exposed users on time, geography, age, gender, income and ethnicity. The survey was delivered to audiences who were both exposed and unexposed to determine the impact in perception from the campaign. 

The survey indicated that consumers exposed to campaign advertisements on mobile had an increased brand perception by 37.8% among consumers who visited store locations that carried the brand’s ketchup products, as well as consumers who visited parks and stadiums that sell the brand’s ketchup products. 


38% increase in brand perception

$0.11 cost per store visit 

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