Case Study

Auto-Repair Brand Uses Real-Time Weather Targeting to Drive Awareness


How did an auto-repair brand use weather targeting to increase brand awareness?

Over a three-month campaign, an auto-repair brand used :15 and :30 second video advertisements to increase brand awareness. Their goal was to reach adults in the United States, ages 25-54, with a 70% skew towards males, and a 30% skew towards females. The brand specifically wanted to reach users experiencing rainy or snowy weather conditions.

Through our partnership with MediaMath, we identified strategic tactics to execute a successful campaign.

The primary tactic leveraged was IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting. With IBM Watson’s unique data, MediaMath’s DSP, and real-time targeting, the brand was able to target audiences when the 24-hour forecast indicated either rain or snow. Due to the precise timing, this tactic performed very strongly.

Digilant also recommended running additional tactics to drive incremental awareness, which included:

  • MediaMath Audiences and Machine-Learning Brain optimization towards target age and demographic groups
  • MediaMath Audiences targeting males
  • Contextual targeting: targeted pages with relevant content
  • Apps Installed: car maintenance, battery, tire apps
  • 3rd party behavioral data: owns a vehicle, light DIYers, shops at auto part retailers


  • 63% viewability tracked by MOAT (above the target of 60%)
  • 75% VCR (Video Completion Rate) for the IBM Watson Weather Segments
  • 77% VCR for the Behavioral Segments in the Midwest Region
  • 77% VCR for the Behavioral Segments in the Southern Region
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