Case Study

Coin-Cashing Machine Company Drives Conversions With Dynamic Rich Media Ad Units

How did a coin-cashing machine company use dynamic rich media ads to encourage consumers to stop at the nearest Walmart store?

A coin-cashing machine company was seeking to increase ad engagement and conversions, which included sign-ups and visits to specific Walmart store locations that were equipped with their coin-cashing machines. The Company was looking to target individuals ages 25-54 with children, individuals with a low household income, do not have a college or graduate degree, who are unbanked or underbanked, and immigrants.


Digilant built a strategy rooted in rich 1st and 3rd party data segments to understand the Company’s target audiences better. To reach the target audiences, Digilant partnered
with Netsertive and used their Creative Studio to create and serve dynamic rich media ad units across desktop and mobile devices, which were localized and updated dynamically based on a user’s location. To do this, Netsertive ingested a list of Walmart store locations with coin-cashing machines on-site and personalized each ad based on the viewers’ real- time location. The ad copy, call-to-action, and landing page changed dynamically to ensure all ads served were hyper-relevant and actionable in driving engagement and Walmart store visits.

In addition, Digilant leveraged top-funnel tactics like digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens to capture consumers’ attention in geo-fenced areas near Walmart store locations. To encourage sign-ups and store visits, we paired rich media and DOOH execution with bottom-funnel tactics like website retargeting and look-a-like targeting to find individuals who look and behave similarly to those converting.

Pairing cross-channel media execution with smart, dynamic creative resulted in a high- performing campaign that delivered on the Company’s goals and led to actionable insights for future campaigns.


6,492 Total Conversions

21,194 Total Clicks

Under $20 Cost Per Site Visit


Mobile was the biggest driver of website traffic, accounting for 62% of all traffic.

Ads placed within mobile apps had the highest engagement rate with a 0.14% CTR.

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