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Part 2 of 4: Back To School: Strategies For Smart Programmatic Buying

08/01/2017 - Karen Moked

Summer may be in full swing, but the Back to School (BTS) season for marketers began before students even heard the last bell ring.  By the time you are past Fourth of July, you’ll see more brands and retailers talk about back-to-school because data tells them that the earlier they get to market, the more likely those shopping in that timeframe will spend more (see Part 1 of our series).  Marketers needing to create the biggest return for their advertisers dollars should get smarter by diving into the data. Digilant is here to help.

Download the full Back to School Infographic Here! Don’t forget to share #DigilantData.

Changes in the BTS media consumption market demand a new approach to buying advertising. Consumers are spending a lot more time online in their research and purchase-decision phases. For that reason, retailers are investing more heavily in awareness-generating marketing, by putting school products on blogs, on social media sites like YouTube, Pintrest and Snapchat, or on their websites, to attract those users who are doing research or are just looking for inspiration.  Retail brands have been spending significant marketing dollars in establishing an affiliate partnerships with influencers and celebrities which has become a powerful way for brands to create new trends heading into the Back to School (BTS) season.
These programmatic buying strategies are then paired with TV and print ads which help drive buyers into physical stores after online browsing and price shopping.

Digilant discovered the following information about BTS Media Consumption:

  1. How are they consuming Media?
    • 80% of mothers have smartphones
    • 81% of those mothers used their smartphones to compare prices
  2. Where do they consumer it?
    • Social Media Promotions
    • Online Ads
    • TV Ads
    • YouTube Ads
  3. The best places for advertising?
    • 75% Printed Flyers
    • 39% Retailer Promotions
    • 33% Email
    • 8% Mobile Ads

Download the full Back to School Infographic Here! Don’t forget to share #DigilantData.

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