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Expert Roundup: The Rise of First-Party Data

07/27/2021 - Sierra Ducey

Expert Roundup: The Rise of First-Party Data

via Street Fight

Data privacy is perhaps the most prominent topic in the world of marketing, media, and commerce. There’s a combination of handwringing and opportunistic disruption as the door slams shut on the unfettered user tracking, targeting, and AdTech norms of the smartphone era. To see what this field of players is currently doing and thinking, Street Fight rounded up industry experts’ voices, including Digilant CEO, Raquel Rosenthal:

With consumer data privacy regulations on the rise, advertisers must rethink both data collection and audience targeting strategies. They can collect consumer data in many ways, but a common thread is the demand for transparency on what data is being collected, who is collecting it, and how it will be used. Apple’s pending iOS 15 update is a good example of how companies are making it easier for consumers to access this information. Today, advertisers are rushing toward the gold standard for consumer data – first-party data – as part of the sales transaction process, and perhaps more important, when capturing data from mid-to high-interest audiences. First-party data collection is consent-driven and inherently more transparent than other collection methods, and advertisers who can act on collected data will have a leg up against competitors and the fast-changing industry.

Beyond first-party data, it’s important for advertisers to get educated on (or reminded of) all of the other data that’s available to them, including contextual or content-based data, device-based data, and search-based data. It’s easy to get caught up in what we lose with new regulations and the depreciation of third-party cookies, but there is still ample data at our disposal that can fuel smart strategies that have longevity.

Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

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