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Top 7 Digital Advertising Trends to Look Out for in 2021

12/01/2020 - Liz Cerrone

As technology continues to develop, so do the ways brands advertise to their customers. Each year, it is important for a digital advertising agency and business owners to understand the upcoming digital advertising trends. By understanding these new trends, brands and agencies can stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Otherwise, companies will fall behind those who invested the time and resources to learn the latest marketing trends. Those who develop the latest trends into their current marketing strategy will reach their audience easier and build relationships that nurture leads through the sales process more efficiently. Without further delay, let’s jump into the digital marketing trends of 2021.

1. Increase Social Media Engagement

As social interactions remain limited due to the novel coronavirus, engagement on social media will retain its importance. A digital advertising agency must have a plan in place to quickly respond to followers on various social media accounts. No one wants to wait days to get a response to simple questions, so it is important to have a detailed plan in place that addresses how and when messages must be addressed.

Furthermore, engagement on social media comments is also vital. Individuals are extremely limited in who they can see in person. If they are taking time out of their day to comment on a brand’s social media post, it is the brand’s responsibility to respond in a timely manner. The increase of time spent online and at home means followers have more freedom to engage with who they deem worthy. In 2021, brands will increase time spent responding to comments to ensure their followers know their messages are appreciated.

2. Additional Focus On Google Listings and Local SEO

Google My Business profiles will continue to be important in 2021. However, simply having a Google My Business profile will not be enough. The profile must be fully filled out and optimized for SEO. There is no longer an acceptable excuse as to why hours, specials, and contact information are not completely accurate. More individuals will turn to Google and search engines to find pertinent information before leaving their homes. In order to ensure these individuals call the right number, go to the right address, or purchase the right product/service, the Google My Business listing must be updated often and maintained correctly.

Local SEO will continue to reign king in digital advertising trends. The best digital advertising agency will continue to grow their efforts and deliver the most traffic possible to your website and your physical location. A large focus on new city location pages and blogging efforts will drive SEO efforts in 2021.

3. Communicate Availability

The novel coronavirus will still be making headlines in 2021. To ensure individuals have the most up to date information, companies will improve the way they communicate their availability. If their offices are open, it will be known. Should teams now work remotely and a physical location is no longer operating, brands will need to share this information. These details will become a regular addition to social media and email marketing efforts.

4. Google Ads Continue To Rise

PPC advertising has always been a powerful tool, but it will be even more important in 2021. With more individuals at home, digital advertising trends regarding PPC will continue to rise. As consumers search for news, products, and services, brands will want to appear on the top of results. Rather than waiting to organically gain a ranking on the first page, brands will pay to play in order to reach the top.

5. Increased Voice Search

Since more individuals are home, they are using their voice assistants more often. From Bixby and Siri to Alexa and Google, individuals are searching more by voice. This trend has always been growing, but it will be vital for a digital advertising agency to understand in 2021. Voice searches require a different SEO strategy than local SEO and mobile-friendly blogs. However, the results will speak for themselves once a proper voice search strategy is employed.

6. Deeper Customer Segmentation

A deeper understanding of the customer will be required in order to fully market to them in 2021. The more time someone spends online, more information about them can be learned and logged into a CRM. From the pages they visit on your website to which emails they actually opened and clicked on, a complete understanding of your customer can be achieved. This information can be used to segment them into proper marketing campaigns, which will garner the highest ROI.

7. More Interactive Content

Static, one-way conversations are an idea of the past. In 2021, interactive content and meaningful conversations will be the new normal. Social media stories, polls, forms, quizzes, and more will take over the social media realm. Individuals who spend time interacting with brands in 2021 will want to feel like they are part of the conversation rather than part of the crowd.

2021 Will Bring New Digital Advertising Trends 

It is no secret that the world we live in is changing rapidly. From the way we interact with one another to how often we leave our home, 2021 will bring about many changes. It is important for brands of all sizes to understand the digital advertising trends that are quickly arriving.

Digilant is the digital advertising agency you can trust to monitor, learn, and adapt to these trends as they arrive. Your marketing campaigns will incorporate the latest trends of 2021 and every year’s trends moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact us today and inquire about our digital advertising services.

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